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Worst Best Man: A Speech Gone Wrong

They say that the Best Man Speech can make or break a wedding.  In the video we see below, we find a Worst Best Man speech that makes everyone uncomfortable and the entire occasion rather unbearable.

This speech is very odd in that he, Dave–the Best Man, seems to have cue cards accessible.  What could have been written on them?

Did the cue cards simply say “Ummmmm….”?

This Best Man Speech only lasts 1:21 seconds and it is excruciating from start to finish.  At a distance, and since we were not there, we can find a bit of humor in this crash and burn scenario.  I truly hope that the moment has gone forgotten amongst these people, but unfortunately, it’s on YouTube and will live in video infamy.

Please, best men, avoid this fate by using the resources on these pages available to you!  Here is the video…

The Worst Best Man Speech

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